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Additional Notes: It’s U.S. Women’s Open time! Thank you for your interest in this exclusive package. We hope that you can join us, limited to just 16 individuals in 2015. This package includes 3 Nights of lodging (double room accommodations), breakfast each morning, dinner Thursday night, 2 rounds of golf, transportation to the U.S. Women’s Open and tickets to the Friday and Sunday Championship rounds and all related taxes. The double occupancy rate (you must have a roommate) is just $649/ person. The single occupancy rate is $849/person. THE BELOW ITINERARY HAS BEEN REVISED TO BETTER REFLECT THE NEEDS OF THOSE TRAVELING. rev 7/7/15

Thursday, July 9
12:30pm – golf at Heritage Hills Golf Course
5:30-6:00pm – check into Heritage Hills Golf Resort
6:30-7:30pm – dinner at Ironwoods or Knickers Pub

Friday, July 10
7:30 – 9:00am – Breakfast
9:00am – Transportation pickup pickup for the US Women’s Open. Meet in lobby.
6:00pm – Transportation pickup pickup from the US Women’s Open
Saturday, July 11
6:30-7:00am – breakfast
7:30am – golf at Springwood Golf Course
Sunday, July 12
7:00-7:30am – breakfast
7:30pm – check out of the hotel
7:55am – Limousine leaves for the US Women’s Open
6:00pm – Limousine pickup at the US Women’s Open

To join this exclusive Genesis pre-planned trip, please make a credit card payment by clicking on the MAKE A PAYMENT button below. If you are coming as a double occupancy attendee, make sure you have a roommate coming and do one of the following: either make a payment for both of you and indicate so “on Behalf of,” field. Or, call us after paying to indicate your roommate and provide for us his or her contact information should we not see payment by the deadline. Please make sure you enter all information on your credit card as it appears making sure to use the address in which your credit card company has on file and where your statements are mailed.

If you have a problem processing a payment or any questions regarding this package, please call 888-222-6222 and dial 2 for guest services.

REFUNDS: Travel is a perishable product, which often cannot be resold. For this reason, some penalties and restrictions apply with your golf vacation investment. Your right to receive a refund is limited. Once vouchers are sent to the customer, individual refunds may be limited for medical or other emergency reasons. Refunds will not be issued for services provided which are not used by the individual. Please ask your golf package professional for more details.

Individual cancellations received after Tuesday, July 7th at noon will result in forfeit of 100% of the package price. Other cancellations made prior will result in a forfeiture of $100/ person.

UNPLAYABLE CONDITIONS: Unless a golf course closes officially, you are not entitled to a rain check or rain credit. You must call the course to determine any Genesis Golf Trips credit for inclement weather and then turn in your voucher for Genesis notification. You have a choice of either accepting a golf course rain check and all of their terms and conditions or you can choose to have a Genesis rain credit. If you choose the Genesis rain credit, you will be issued a rain credit with Genesis Golf Trips with a four year expiration date. No hotel refunds or credits will be issued. Genesis Golf Trip golf course credits will be as follows should a specific golf course prevent or end play: 1 - Golf Group does not get to tee off, the Golf Group receives a 100% credit for such Golf Course value. 2 - Golf Group plays less than 4 holes; the Golf Group receives a 90% credit for such Golf Course value. 3 - Golf Group plays more than 4 holes but less than 7; the Golf Group receives a 70% credit for such Golf Course value. 4 - Golf Group plays more than 7 holes but less than 10; the Golf Group receives a 40% credit for such Golf Course value. 5 - Golf Group plays more than 10 holes but less than 13; the Golf Group receives a 25% credit for such Golf Course value. 6 - Golf Group plays more than 13 holes, there is no such credit for such Golf Course value.

Before you go – many of our courses have a strict dress code policy that must be adhered. These policies include the following:

No Jeans
Shirts must have a Collar
No Cargo Shorts/Pants

Our golf course partners reserve the right to refuse those that do not adhere to their dress code policy from playing their course.

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Each party hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the other harmless from any loss, liability, costs or damages arising from actual or threatened claims or causes of action resulting from the gross negligence or intentional misconduct of such party or its respective officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, members or participants (as applicable), provided that with respect to officers, directors, employees, and agents, such individuals are acting within the scope of their employment or agency, as applicable. Guests and golfers (Clients) are responsible for their own conduct and effects at each facility and will hold harmless Genesis Golf Trips from any fees associated with violations and warnings provided by any lodging or golf facility or additional services requested that are not included in the advance package. All facilities reserve the right to remove all Client effects remaining after a respective event at the sole cost of the Client and store the same at the Client’s sole expense, with no liability for any aspect of such removal or storage on the part of Genesis Golf Trips. In any event, Genesis Golf Trips accepts or assumes no liability of any space of such storage or maintenance. Clients are not permitted to bring outside food and beverage items into any meeting/banquet or other public space of a lodging facility with a liquor license. Should outside food and beverage items be found in any public space (outside of sleeping rooms), such items will be required to be removed immediately with the potential with the group leader being assessed a fee of up to $500 per offense. Please help us to protect the lodging facilities from potential liquor license liability suits by enforcing this policy. Clients are also responsible for any incidental charges not covered within the scope of the package and will be required by the lodging facility to provide a credit card for such incidental charges.

Payment Details:

Package Summary:
Package Total: $1,298.00
Amount Paid: $1,298.00
Amount Outstanding: $0.00
AmountPaid ForPayee
$1,298.00 Payment For:Dennis and Doug Dennis Whittaker

Itinerary: Name of Group:  3 Nights, 2 Rounds, 2 Days Tix

Staying At:  Heritage Hills Resort

Thursday, July 9, 2015
First Course:Heritage Hills Resort (2 Golfers) First Tee Time: 12:30pm
Second Course:F&B Item (2 Golfers) Second Tee Time: Dinner
Friday, July 10, 2015
First Course:F&B Item (2 Golfers) First Tee Time: 9:00am
Second Course:No Golf (2 Golfers) Second Tee Time: 6:00pm
Saturday, July 11, 2015
First Course:Springwood Golf Club (2 Golfers) First Tee Time: 7:30am
Second Course:No Golf (2 Golfers) Second Tee Time:
Sunday, July 12, 2015
First Course:F&B Item (2 Golfers) First Tee Time: 7:45am
Second Course: (0 Golfers) Second Tee Time:

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