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Your inclusive package at $249/ person is based upon double room occupancy accommodations, taxes, golf and cart.

If you require a single room instead with golf, that option is $303/person instead. If you are a golf only option because of having your own accommodations, your option is $183/person.

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Payment Details:

Package Summary:
Package Total: $9,426.00
Amount Paid: $9,426.00
Amount Outstanding: $0.00
AmountPaid ForPayee
$249.00 Payment For:George Friedline George Friedline
$249.00 Payment For:Charlie Groff Charles Groff
$249.00 Payment For:Bob Waugh Charlrs Groff
$100.00 Payment For:Roger Scheider Deposit Roger Schneider
$249.00 Payment For:David R Fetterman David Fetterman
$249.00 Payment For:Jeff Krueger Jeffrey Krueger
$249.00 Payment For:Tink Eugene Hayes Jr
$249.00 Payment For:Joseph Glessner Joseph Glessner
$249.00 Payment For:Joe Noll Joey Noll
$498.00 Payment For:Steve Hayes & Nate Stoyer Steven Hayes
$249.00 Payment For:Jack Brubaker John Brubaker
$100.00 Payment For:Abram Groff - deposit Abram Groff
$100.00 James Waltman
$100.00 Ron Meckley
$303.00 Payment For:William Fels William Fels
$303.00 Payment For:Jeremy Gibson Jeremy Gibson
$498.00 Payment For:Bubba McCarter & Rick Dinorscia Mr. C McCarter
$249.00 Payment For:Keith Horst Keith Horst
$303.00 Payment For:Joe Butzer Joseph Butzer
$183.00 Payment For:John Meyers John Meyers
$183.00 Payment For:Keith Branum Keith Branum
$249.00 Payment For:Todd Loht Todd Loht
$249.00 Payment For:Pat Loht Walter Loht
$249.00 Payment For:William Fels Jr William Fels
$100.00 F.D. Telenko deposit
$249.00 Payment For:jeff fels jeff fels
$25.00 Payment For:Ron Meckley Ronald Meckley
$100.00 Payment For:Nathan Patterson Nathan Patterson
$25.00 Payment For:Ronald A. Meckley Ronald Meckley
$25.00 Payment For:Ron Meckley Ronald Meckley
$25.00 Payment For:Ron Meckley Ronald Meckley
$25.00 Payment For:Ron Meckley Ronald Meckley
$24.00 Payment For:Ron Meckley Ronald Meckley
$149.00 Payment For:Nathan Patterson Nathan Patterson
$249.00 Payment For:Greg Smith Gregory Smith
$249.00 Payment For:barry rothweiler barry rothweiler
$249.00 Payment For:Bob Planey Robert Planey
$149.00 Payment For:Abram Groff Abram Groff
$149.00 Frank Telenko Payment
$149.00 James Waltman Payment
$249.00 Payment For:John T. Hahn John Hahn
$183.00 Payment For:Edgar Ohrel Edgar Ohrel
$149.00 Payment For:Roger Schneider balance Roger Schneider
$249.00 Payment For:Barry Price Barry Price
$249.00 Payment For:John Little Charles Groff
$249.00 Payment For:Tom Lupold Tom Lupold
$149.00 Payment For:Roger Schneider Roger Schneider
$149.00 Payment For:Roger Schneider Roger Schneider
($298.00) Payment made to wrong trip link Roger Schneider

Itinerary: Name of Group:  Charlie Groff - Final Option

Staying At:  Grand Hotel

Friday, March 08, 2013
First Course:Heritage Shores (38 Golfers) First Tee Time: 11:00 AM
Second Course: (0 Golfers) Second Tee Time:
Saturday, March 09, 2013
First Course:Cripple Creek Country Club (38 Golfers) First Tee Time: 11:00AM
Second Course: (0 Golfers) Second Tee Time:
Sunday, March 10, 2013
First Course:The Peninsula Country Club (38 Golfers) First Tee Time: 11:00 AM
Second Course: (0 Golfers) Second Tee Time:

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